Top 10 lake

The top 10 largest lakes of the world

There are various  source of water in the world  . In example , ocean, sea, river, canal, lakes etc. Among of them lake is one of the most important source of water because it is a source of both fresh water and marine water. Lake is defined as a land locked  area which filled with […]


A scholar and A boatman

There was a poor boatman in a village. He was illiterate. He used to row boat from morning till evening only to meet his both ends. There was a no meaning of knowledge to him. It was a month of Baishakh. A scholar got into his boat. He was enjoying his journey very much because […]


Write an email to your friend about hostel life

Suppose you are Milton of class 10 and you live in a school hostel. Now write an email to your friend Steve about your hostel. From : To      : Sent   : Friday, 11 may 2019; 3:56 pm Sub    : Hostel life Dear Steve,  Take my warm love. Hope, you are well. I am […]


Write an email to your friend about native village

From     : To          : Sent      : Monday,19 March,2019,11 am Subject : About my native village. My dear Asif, Very glad to receive your email. Hope you  are well by the grace of Almighty. I’m fine also. You have wanted to know about my native village. The name of my village is Modhupur. It […]


Write an email to your headteacher for seeking permission to go on a study tour

To          : Headteacher< > From     : Adam < > Sent      : Monday, 24 May 2019, 10.34 am. Subject: For permission to go on a study tour. Sir, We the student of grade-8 of your school , would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are eagerly to go on a […]

Its a picture of dialogue or conversation.

Write a dialogue between two friend about load shedding

Thomas: Hello, Miller. How are you? Miller   : Not well, at all. Thomas: Why? Miller   : It is for the load shedding. Thomas: You are right. I can not able to continue my studies for load shedding. It is a great                 Problem in our locality. Miller  : I may do a bad result in […]