Its a picture of dialogue or conversation.

Bad Effect of Smoking

Write a dialogue between two friend about bad effect of smoking.

Sagor : Hello, friend. How are you?
Piash : Not at all. I am with a great trouble.
Sagor : Can I know your problem?
Piash : Yes. Why not? I have coughing for a couple of weeks.
Sagor : Have you not gone to doctor?
Piash : Hmm. But he told me to give up smoking first.
Sagor : The doctor is right.
Piash : But You know how much I like smoking.
Sagor : I know that .But It will kill slowly but surely.
Piash :How?
Sagor : Smoking is dangerous for health. It causes many fatal disease in our human body. Such as cancer, respiratory disease, heart disease etc.
Piash : Are you sure?
Sagor : Of Course.
Piash : Then I will give up this bad habit.
Sagor : Thanks and bye.
Piash : bye.
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