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Sent      : Monday,19 March,2019,11 am

Subject : About my native village.

My dear Asif,

Very glad to receive your email. Hope you  are well by the grace of Almighty. I’m fine also. You have wanted to know about my native village.

The name of my village is Modhupur. It is under the  district of Mymensingh. The Banar flows by the side of my native village. The village is two miles long and one mile wide. There are about 3000 people in my village. Most of the people of my village are Muslims. The rest of the villagers are Hindu. We live in peace. The maximum people of my village are farmers. The communication system of my village is not well at all. There are four mosques and a single temple. Its climate is good for health. There are two primary school, a high school and a senior madrasha in my village. I am proud of my village.

No more today. You are cordially invited in my village.

Yours ever


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