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Eve- Teasing Paragraph

Eve-teasing has become a familiar term in Bangladesh. Eve, the first women , represent womenfolk and teasing means irritating. So eve-teasing means irritating women to arouse sexual desire in some one. Those who tease women are called stalkers. Eve-teasing has been termed as sexual harassment . So, different forms of stalking and sexual harassment are widely known as eve-teasing. Women, especially the young girls , often fall victim to the stalkers. Stalkers lie in wait here and there  and whenever they see girls they try to draw attention by gestures and slang words. They follow them and even try to touch their body . Generally the stalkers are from those families where they don’t learn manners, etiquette and behavior. They are not properly socialized. When parents lose control over the boys , they become eve-teasers.  To prevent this problem , the stalkers should be given punishment. Eve-teasers guardian should control their perverted youths.

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