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Mobile Phone Paragraph

A mobile phone is one of the amazing innovations of modern science and technology. A mobile phone is a scientific device by which we can converse with others. The Communication system of the mobile phone is maneuvered without any cable. A mobile phone has lessened  the distance of the world in communication. It is realistic and interesting that nowadays messaging and internet system have been included in it. Though people are getting benefits from it , a mobile phone sometimes becomes the cause of health hazards.The blood pressure gets high and red blood cells are damaged if a person is continually exposed to radiation caused by cellular phone. It is also harmful for a pregnant woman to use a cellular phone. First it was a sign of aristocracy to use a mobile phone But now it is found in everybody’s hand.Though  it has some demerits it is truly a blessing to our civilization. But a mobile phone will do more benefits to us if it is used carefully in a controlled way.

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