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The top 10 largest lakes of the world

There are various  source of water in the world  . In example , ocean, sea, river, canal, lakes etc. Among of them lake is one of the most important source of water because it is a source of both fresh water and marine water.

Lake is defined as a land locked  area which filled with water. It is lie on land but not a part of a sea or ocean . It is like a pond though deeper and larger than pond. Some time various river and stream flow on the lake.

There are thousands of lake in the world .Among of them some are large and some are small in size. Such as Baikal , superior , Victoria etc.

Now we present top 10 largest lake in the world .

Position Name Location Area(sq. km) Type ( salty/fresh) Deepest point (Metre)
1 Caspian Sea Russia,Iran 394,297 Salty 946
2 Superri-or Canada,USA 82,813 Fresh 406
3 Victoria Uganda,Tanzania 69,484 Fresh 82
4 Huron Canada , USA 59,595 Fresh 228.6
5 Michigan USA 58,015.5 Fresh 221
6 Aral Kazakhstan Uzbekistan 33,669 Salty 68
7 Tanganyka Tanzania Congo 32,893 Fresh 1,435
8 Baikal Russia 31,500 Fresh 1,741
9 Great Bear Canada 31,080 Fresh 82
10 Nyasa Tanzania,Malawi 30,044 Fresh 706

Note-1 : Caspian sea is not a sea because it is a landlocked area.

Note-2 : Victoria lake is taken from the name of great queen of England “ Queen         Victoria”. The famous “River Nile “  originated from lake Victoria.

Note-3 : Lake Nyasa also known as lake Malawi. The word Nyasa is taken from Bantu language which means “great water”.

Note-4 : Once the lake Aral was the 4th largest lake in the world .

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