Its a picture of dialogue or conversation.

Write a dialogue between customer and book seller

Write a dialogue between customer and a book seller to buying a book

Book seller: Good afternoon. May I help you?

Myself       : Yes, I want to buy a book.

Book seller: Which book do you want?

Myself       : I want to buy a story book.

Book seller: We have a large collection of story book. Do you have any choice?

Myself       : Yes, I have a particular choice.

Book seller: What is the name of the book?

Myself       : Golpomala.

Book seller: Yes, we have a copy of this book.

Myself       : what is the price of this book?

Book seller: Only 120 taka.

Myself       : Please, less the price on 100 taka.

Book seller: ok, give me 110 taka.

Myself       : Ok, take the money. Please, wrap up the book with paper.

Book seller: Ok.

Myself       : Thank you.

Book seller: Welcome.

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