Its a picture of dialogue or conversation.

Write a dialogue between two friend about load shedding

Thomas: Hello, Miller. How are you?

Miller   : Not well, at all.

Thomas: Why?

Miller   : It is for the load shedding.

Thomas: You are right. I can not able to continue my studies for load shedding. It is a great

                Problem in our locality.

Miller  : I may do a bad result in the exam. It is my headache now.

Thomas: What is the reason for load shedding?

Miller   : There are some reasons of load shedding. Such as illegal connection of electricity,

                misuse of electricity, insufficient production of electricity etc.

Thomas: Is there no solution of it?

Miller   : why not?

Thomas: Then tell me the solutions.

Miller   : Eradication of corruption and mismanagement can solve this problem.

Thomas: You are right.

Miller   : Ok, I have go now. See you next.

Thomas: Bye.


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