Write an email to your friend about hostel life

Suppose you are Milton of class 10 and you live in a school hostel. Now write an email to your friend Steve about your hostel.

From : milton43@gmail.com

To      : steve21@gmail.com

Sent   : Friday, 11 may 2019; 3:56 pm

Sub    : Hostel life

Dear Steve,

 Take my warm love. Hope, you are well. I am very glad to know that you became champion in badminton match. Now I am writing few lines about my hostel life. There are total  capacity of 100 seats. The hostel is fully equipped with all kinds of modern facilities. We have a many kinds of real life experience in this hostel. Such as group study. exchanging pleasantries, knowing the unknown, individual interrelation, student to student interaction, behavioral etiquette etc. 

I hope you also cherishing much for staying hostel life. I think you will get an opportunity.

All the best for you.

Your friend


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